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Ayuka Developers is a dream turned to reality with efforts of innovative people working together to bring a revolution in technology by following path of Customised Solutions in terms of Softwares, Websites, Mobile Apps, etc. The softwares and applications are developed using java, designed by html and styled by css and javascript. All the projects are made by keeping in mind the requirements of the client by a team of coders, designers, testers who work together to achieve a single goal of customer satisfaction. Employees put their best to develop a application that serve different purposes. In simple words, the applications are designed to fulfill different requirements at one place. The applications designed by us are not only functionally good but do have a nice GUI which makes it very easy for the users to use the applications. The websites made are of classic theme but yet stylish which attract users online. Different color schema, layouts, etc are chosen for different websites depending on the purpose for which website is being made. Moreover, Ayuka Developers complete the projects on time with all the functionality and layout as promised to the client. We satisfy all our clients with our work as per the needs described.

Keeping the same views in mind we have successfully completed projects like-

GST enabled billing software.
Available in both online and offline modes.
Can be used in different fields like hotels, shops, showrooms, etc.
Embedded with HSN/SAC codes along with tax information of CGST, SGST and IGST.
Other Features-
Maintains stock records and account sheets.
Details of purchase invoice, sales invoice can be maintained.
Keeps record of customers and suppliers.
Enabled with invoice mailing, sub-user account creation, etc.

Automized tool for conduction of MCQ based examination.
Capable of giving on the spot result to the candidates, as well as stores the answer sheets for future references.
Designed to avoid cheating conditions by randomising the questions, allowing single login of users at one time.
Not only saves the answer sheets but can also generate excel file (.xlsx format) of the answer sheets.
Integrated with bulk sms service (additional charges may apply) using which one can send result messages.
Other Features-
Excel connectivity for bulk entry of users.
Automatic calculation of test performance.
Maintains privacy by not allowing users to see each others data.

Record Management Software designed not only to save the records but also to regenerate them.
Currently available for schools, colleges, and coaching institutes and in progress for organisations.
Capable of saving pics of students, parents, guardians & any 5 proofs of user's choice in .jpeg, .png, .gif format.
Designed to print the Transfer Certificates, Character Certificates and keeps a record of them.
Other Features-
Functionality to regenerate the proofs is available.
Once entered, records can be easily updated.
Automatic admission numbers are allotted to students.
Records of passed out students is also maintained till not deleted by user itself.

Software designed to automize the fee collection procedure.
Allow authorities to maintain user's record, account sheet, receipts, TDS letters, etc.
Integrated with bulk sms service (additional charges may apply) which can be used to automatically send sms on fee payment.
Capable of printing fee receipts, admission receipts, advance receipts, TDS form, etc and also keeps their records.
Excel connectivity for bulk entry of user records.
Other Features-
Daily account sheet can be viewed.
Excel file (.xlsx format) of all the records saved can be generated.
Automatic fine addition on late fee, allotment of receipt numbers, admission numbers, etc.

Garments billing software.
Can be used at multiple terminals with shared database on server.
Includes customer management, stock management, balance sheet management, etc.
Functionality of returning of products is available.
Other Features-
Different accounts for owner & staff.
Excel connectivity for getting stock list.
Automatic printing of the account sheets.
Can be used in boutiques, malls, etc.

BULK SMS Service software.
Designed to send English as well as Hindi sms with the registered id's.
Not only sends the sms but keep records of sms's sent & also maintain the available balance of sms credits.
Can also be used for maintaining some records of the users such as user name, date of birth, place, etc.
Other Features-
Automatic Birthday wishes.
Balance reminder with user set limits.
Excel connectivity for bulk entry of user records.
Spell Check functionality for English sms.


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